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excuse us. shhh-shh! damage control as mitt romney deals with short fallout over a leaked video. he's now trailing the president in three swing states. president obama goes on late night television and attacks comments mitt romney made about 47% of americans who don't pay income tax. >> if you want to be president you have to work for everybody not just for some. >> back to school. chicago teachers are heading back to the classroom today after voting to end their first strike in 25 years. a religious scholar unveils evidence that jesus may have had a wife.
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this is the cbs "this morning" news for wednesday september 19, 2012. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning mitt romney continues to deal with short fallout over those comments he made in which he said over half of all americans believe they are victims. romney addressed the issue last night. he's not backing down. romney said government should not take from some to give to others. on the tape romney also talked about the chances of peace in the middle east. he said the palestinians don't want peace and are committed to the elimination of israel. >> we have a potentially volatile situation. >> meanwhile a just released poll indicates romney is losing grounds for the president in key swing states.
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susan mcginnis is in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. mitt romney is hoping to get back on message today but all the talk here is about that secretly reported tape and all of this comes at the same time that a new poll is released showing the race for president is not as tight as it was. president obama is pulling ahead of mitt romney in battleground states most likely to decide the election. a poll of voters in colorado, virginia and wisconsin shows a virtual tie in colorado with president obama ahead by one point, a six point swing from the last poll in august. in virginia the president holds a four point lead and is now over 50%. and in wisconsin the president maintains the same 51-45% lead he did august 8th and wiped out the gains romney made after adding paul ryan to the ticket. the president has gained the most in an area that's been romney's strongest point who would do a better job on the
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economy. the president wiped out a ten-point disadvantage on that question in colorado and has now taken the lead in virginia and wisconsin. romney's dip in the polls comes at a time when he's been knocked off message by a secretly recorded video of him speaking at a fundraiser >> 47% with him who are dependent upon the government. >> reporter: in the tape romney said 47% of americans pay no income taxes, believe they are victims entitled to government help and will vote for president obama no matter what. >> my job is not to worry about those people. oil never convince them they should take personal responsibility. >> reporter: the president was asked about the 47% comment on the late show with david letterman. >> my expectation is if you want to be president you need work for everybody not just for some. >> reporter: romney says he still believes in his remarks and it represents his views
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government needs to be smaller. romney hasn't talked about tracks he made about the middle east but on that tape he hinted that there would be no effort towards peace in the middle east in a romney white house. >> susan, thank you. in that just released, quinnipiac university cbs "new york times" poll indicates the president does well with women voters. mr. obama lead by substantial margins in colorado, virginia and wisconsin. we're learning more about how and why the videotape that's causing problems for romney was made public. it all starts with the grandson of a former president. wyatt andrews has that part of the story. >> reporter: the tape was recorded at a florida fundraiser last may 17th when romney had the nomination locked down but needed money. that afterno but someone a donor taped the fundraiser and in late may
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posted this youtube clip of romney speaking there about labor in china. that was enough for political researchers james carter iv who was tracking romney and could not believe somebody recorded the fundraiser. >> i knew it was going to be news worthy. some news worthy parts of it. but i had no idea that it would be anything like this. >> reporter: carter then connected the source of the video to a reporter, david corn, the washington bureau chief of the liberal investigative magazine "mother jones." he spent months trying to convince the source to release the video and told us in a phone interview the source claimed the taping of romney wasn't driven by politics it was more i get to be in the room with a presidential candidate and so i will tape it. it was more out of curiosity as opposed to going there trying to get romney. as important the timing of the
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release, corn and "mother jones" felt no conspiracy it just took this long to convince the source to release the tape. as to whether this mystery source was set out to get romney he paid handsomely to get there at a $50,000 a plate dinner. yesterday a judge lifted the injunction against the show me your papers in arizona. it requires please to ask people for their immigration status. chicago's public schools are open. union delegates voted to end the walk out. the key issues were teacher evaluations and job security. >> we said that it was time, that we couldn't solve all the problems of the world with one contract and that it was time to suspend the strike.
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>> in past negotiations taxpayers paid more but our kids got less. this time our taxpayers are paying less and our kids are getting more. >> the rank-and-file has to vote on the contract itself. this is the first teacher walkout in 25 years. >> more anti-american protests triggered by an anti-muslim video across pakistan yesterday. protesters gathered in front of an american diplomatic mission. there were also and american protests in cairo yesterday. the egyptian government issued arrest warrants for seven coptic christians linked to the anti-islam film. among those charged is a california man believed to have produced the film. the case believes those charges are out of egypt. the french government is calling for calm. they plan to publish cartoons of the prophet muhammed.
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here's my mocute. routine. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. it's hearty with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. mmmm... new activia breakfast blend. millers island, maryland east of baltimore is one of the places that was hit hard by the storm that soaked the eastern third of the nation tuesday. many homes became islands themselves. streets were under six inches of water, 2,000 homes had no power. cbs money watch. a sneak peek at the holiday season. >> reporter: a move by the bank of japan to show up the economy sent stocks higher. nikkei gained 1%. hang seng added 1%.
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fedex the world's second largest package delivery said the global economy is stalling and is likely to get worse next year. fedex is seen as an economic bellwether, cutting its forecast as business slows. fedex's economic forecast is in line with that of bigger rival u.p.s. that leak assessment left wall street stocks mixed. the dow jones industrials ended higher. the nasdaq was down a fraction. confidence among the nation's home builders has surged to a six year high. new reports out today are expected to show builders expect the housing recovery will strengthen in the next six months. the housing market remains depressed but showing signs of improving since last october. economists say the housing market will not recover until the unemployment rate improves. american airlines is sending layoff notices to 11,000 employees but says the job cuts
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are like try to be closer to 4400. notices went out to mechanics and ground workers as american goes through bankruptcy. eight labor groups approved long term contracts to cut labor costs. pi lots voted against the company's last contract offer and holding a strike authorization vote. kohl's anticipates to hire more people. they plan to hire 53,000 seasonal workers. and not a minute too soon toys "r" us are out with it's annual hot toy list for the holiday shopping season. it includes tablets for kids, fashion dolls. and old stand byes like teenager my tant ninja turtles. and there's 96 days until christmas. >> we know the toys the parents will be fighting over in the stores. thank you.
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a fourth century scrap of papyrus is igniting whether jesus christ was married. a professor, an expert in the history of christianity said the papyrus is the only existing text showing jesus referring to having a wife. she's identified as mary. the catholic church insists jesus was not married. coming up, your wednesday morning weather. in sports a strange request from an nfl player. this is during a game. and you will not believe who it came from. this is the morning news.
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and it helps regulate your digestive system. new activia breakfast blend. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, partly breeze injuries 72 degrees. thunderstorms in miami, 90 trees. chicago 70 degrees. los angeles, 85 streets. let's check your national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will cross florida. most of the eastern third of the nation will be sunny and dry. rain for the upper midwest. very windy from the plains to michigan. most of the west sunny and dry with record high temperatures in the pacific northwest. in sports this morning los angeles angels trying to make a race for the last american league wild spot. angels hosting texas. kinsler launches a ball to left
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field. trying to track it down. the ball goes over the fence for the homer, so does wells. l.a. responds in the fourth inning. wild pitch brings in two runs. part of an eight run outburst. angels win this one 11-3. baltimore pushes in the go ahead run in top of the 18th inning. the orioles win 4-2 and are three dames up on the angels. in the nl st. louis trying to hang on to the last post-season post. johnson rbi double to left field 2-0 st. louis. he'll come around. st. louis wins it 4-1. the brewers and pirates, 3-0 for the brew crew in the seventh inning. ron despite second base wanted three steals of the night but scoring position, the bouncer to the left side of the
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newfoundland to make it 4. brewers win it 6-0 and move ahead of pittsburgh. a lot has been made of the nfl players. one player is saying he had a strange interaction with one of the officials. philadelphia running back mccoy said one official discussed his fantasy football team with him during sunday's game. in fact he said he needed mccoy. mccoy helped him out scoring a td and rushed for 81 yards. these are the replacement officials. doesn't surprise me at all. these guys are star struck. when we come back the nfl loses a legend. he never played the game but impacted the sport in ways every fan as seen and heard. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal,
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in some cities around the
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country. in washington a mix of clouds and sun, 70 degrees. atlanta 76 degrees. in st. louis mostly sunny skies, 75 degrees. denver 81, seattle sunny and 80. top stories on a wednesday morning. smirm not backing away from his comments that half of all victims are victims. mr. obama said the president must work for everyone not just for some. chicago teachers ended their strike. classes resume today but the teachers have to vote on a new contract. rahm emanuel calls the deal an honest compromise. a health group campaigning against obesity said half the people in 39 states will be obese in almost two decades. the trust for america's health expects 67% of the adults in
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mississippi to be overweight by to 30. colorado expected to have the thinnest population but still have 45% obesity rate. medical costs treating obesity are expected to increase to $66 billion a year by 2030. it's hard to imagine watching pro football on television without seeing slow motion replays and hearing the smack of the pad. on tuesday steve sabol the man who helped transform the sport into the multimedia showcase we see today passed away. in 1964 sabol and his father ed started nfl films. steve worked at his father's side as the company's cinemaphotographer. they brought the game to fans in ways they never seen. sabols also used the element of cinema to heighten the drama of the games. hiring an orchestra leader to compose the sound track.
4:22 am
>> the autumn wind is a pirate. blustering in from sea. >> the narration became the stuff of legend for sports fans but it was steve sabol who wrote those words. he won a record 35 emmys for his writing, producing, cinemaphotography and directing over the years. sabol an accomplished artist once said he saw the game of football as an art as much as a sport. steve sabol was 69 years old. several chicago police forces are back on the job tuesday despite been shaken up over the weekend. someone broke into the stables on sunday and let almost all of the 30 horses out. the vandals sprayed fire extinguishers in the face of one of the animals. another horse was struck by a fire extinguisher. police say when they arrived at the stable many animals were shaking. no arrests have been made. you got to wonder about people who do something like that is a good idea.
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coming up, best selling author. i'm terrell brown on this "cbs morning news".
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is wednesday, september 19. i had to think about that. happy wednesday. i'm glad you're with us.
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good morning. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani will have traffic momentarily. howard, welcome back. >> it was rock and rolling yesterday. >> we had the storms and a few trees down. it's all gone. nice, quiet morning. still breezy and certainly some jacket weather out there. in the 50s. tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly. low to mid 40s in the suburbs. we have clearing skies now. clouds overhead. good visibility. 63 here in town. 68 by noon. north winds 10 to 15 so a real brisk day. maybe a good day for a sweater set, mr. hydeck. twin set, yes. 70 degrees at 5:00 with a high in the low 70s. we are showing you the showers and storms from yesterday
4:27 am
afternoon. the severe weather was mainly east of town pulling away. this morning we're looking at a couple of areas of light rain, some light sprinkles here. the northern neck in towards southern maryland. newland. scattered about into the northern half of st. mary's and calvert county. you may see an isolated sprinkle the next hour or two. temps in the 50s west of town. leesburg 59 along with martinsburg. 54 cumberland and 45 in oakland. on the flip side mid to even upper 60s to our east and southeast this morning. looking at your highs this afternoon, it is going to be a nice day. a little bit breezy. temperatures should top out about 72. very, very comfortable. here's monika samtani at 4:27 with your timesaver traffic. if you're planning to head around town for the most part everything is looking good. you just want to be aware that there is some police activity from overnight blocking southern avenue between wheeler
4:28 am
and chesapeake streets so you'll want to follow police direction to get around that on southern avenue. also the signal lights are out right here at 17th and c. street that as a four-way stop. let's take a live look at the beltway in montgomery county. no issues to report here as you travel both loops of the beltway in prince george's county heading into silver spring and beyond toward bethesda. now over to virginia. overnight construction of course on the west side of town. as you travel in the annandale and tysons areas, no problems on 66. a live look at the 14th street bridge northbound 395 looking good trying to get into downtown across the river here. i'll be back with more coming up at 4:39. >> thank you, monika. we begin with a look at the damage from yesterday's storm in some places. lots of rain, strong winds, down trees and power lines all across the region. even forced some officials to shut down the great frederick fair in frederick, maryland. a family is still in disbelief after a massive tree crushed the side of her house.
4:29 am
the one woman says she's just thankful she escaped unscathed. ken molestina has her story. >> reporter: tree removal crews worked in the night cleaning up the mess that created the scare of her life. she was inside the house when the storms rolled through and sent this towering tree into a free fall right over her head. >> i noticed the whole front end of the porch had collapsed and the tree was actually on the side of the house and on the roof. >> reporter: luckily she made it out of the house just fine despite its old bricks olding up and taking the brunt of the smash. the house was still left uninhabitable. the front porch was crushed and the walls left unstaibled by the tree -- unstable by the tree. the owner was in the process of clearing four other trees on the property. she never thought this massive one would come crashing down but as we

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